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Japanese mssage

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It brings the body, mind and soul together in japanese mssage. It helps you relax, unwind, and it supports the natural strength of the body.

Japanese mssage

Shiatsu involves pressure on specific points of the body for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. It is often referred to as non-needle acupuncture, or acupressure, but those who have mastered it emphasise that these terms fail to fully reflect its essence.

It is also hard to classify shiatsu simply as an Oriental physiotherapy or manual japanese mssage technique. Even though certain elements of these methods japanese mssage indeed be found in the practice of the Japanese massage, they would narrow down its meaning to purely physical work with japanese mssage patient. However, before massage was recognised for its therapeutic properties, it was an element of former religious rituals.

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The remains of those practices can be found in the japanese mssage and emotional dimension of shiatsu. It was in China was that the first schools of massage emerged as early as at the end of the first century AD japanese mssage that subsequent massage trends and philosophies alabama escorts backpage.

Over the centuries, the countries of the Orient developed enhanced new techniques, making use of the achievements of modern science and medicine.

Based on Chinese acupressure and japanese mssage, the Japanese jappanese japanese mssage own therapy, known as anma. This is where shiatsu comes.

Shiatsu took on in the Japaness in the japanese mssage. Shiatsu combines the rich Oriental tradition with the achievements of modern science — anatomy, physical therapy and osteopathy.

The traditional rudiments of the Japanese massage are connected with japanese mssage belief in ki — the vital energy filling human japanese mssage. The energy is believed to travel the body through certain channels — meridians. Shiatsu regulates the flow through skilful pressure of meridans, which are sensitive to touch. It is important that the masseur be at the same level as the massaged person during the treatment.

Proper technique so requires japanese mssage the therapist is to use their own body weight rather than the strength of hapanese or japanese mssage. Unlike the name may suggest, shiatsu is not performed with fingers only but also with the whole palms, elbows, or even feet or knees. The touch should be rather pleasant, mild, but also firm.

japanese mssage It should not cause pain or strong discomfort. Stretching of the spine, the japanese mssage and muscles is also helpful in the regulation of the internal energy and in the removal of tension.

Additional techniques include rotations, limb bending in joints or tapping of tense muscles.

According to the shiatsu theory, the breaths of japanese mssage masseur and of the massaged person should be synchronised, long and clam. Scientists believe that the Japanese massage is beneficial for the function of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and internal organs — heart, liver, stomach, lungs and intestines. It helps enhance the mobility of joints, alleviates backache and pain japanese mssage other parts of the body.

Spiritual shiatsu practicians also claim that if properly delivered, the massage deepens japanese mssage patient's contact with their japanese mssage, boosts their self-esteem and reinforces their positive outlook on the world.

Shiatsu contraindications include primarily skin diseases, thrombosis, untreated hypertension, atherosclerosis, acute inflammations and varices.

Specialists are not entirely in agreement as to the safety japanese mssage shiatsu treatments during pregnancy. Some sources list pregnancy as a contraindication for such therapy, japanese mssage other mention the Japanese technique as one of the few forms of massage recommended for future mums.

Japanese massage is offered japanewe many Western beauty parlours and salons — also in Poland. Back Category: Japanese culture. Shiatsu — what is it about? japanese mssage

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